Committed To Sustainability

We work with companies in the renewable energy field as well as with companies committed to sustainability and wanting to share that commitment with their constituents.

Green Is Good

Consumers have seen enough green washing to discern the real deal from being dealt a hand, to know real wind power from more hot air. Today’s smart companies are making real and substantive commitments to sustainability. The brilliant ones are making these commitments part of their daily business practices and identities – and winning over loyal constituents in the process.

Renewable Energy Public Relations

Our renewable energy PR and marketing work includes managing all PR for the 40th Annual National Solar Conference to helping organizations launch sustainability programs to gaining national coverage for an emerging solar-panel manufacturer (Grape Solar) and much more. We’ve also forged beneficial alliances for clients with international environmental groups.

Get the Word Out

If your company is committed to sustainability and/or helps others reduce energy consumption, we’d love the opportunity to help you get the word out.

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